Oven Cleaning

When it comes to an End of Tenancy Cleaning and passing a final inspection, the most important thing is paying attention to the smallest details – one of which is the state of the oven.

We know that you didn’t have enough time to deep clean your oven on a regular basis which is why it’s probably covered in build-up and stains. In our End of Tenancy Cleaning, our team is going to perform a domestic level cleaning of the oven which includes wiping it, however, if the appliance hasn’t been cleaned in a long time and there is build-up, grease, and impurities all over the interior and exterior, a deeper and more thorough cleaning will be necessary. This is why we recommend our Oven Cleaning – an affordable and effective additional service.

This Service Includes The Following:

  • Disassembling all removable parts and then soaking them in a dip-tank filled with hot water and detergent
  • Taking the glass door apart so our team can properly clean it
  • Scrubbing and wiping the interior and exterior of the appliance so all impurities can be lifted and removed
  • Once everything is spotless, we will assemble the oven and check whether it works properly
  • Only then is this service complete – and the best part is that the oven can be used right after we are finished with the service. We do not use any detergents with harsh chemicals that may leave a harmful residue behind.

Either booked on its own or combined with our End of Tenancy Cleaning, you can schedule the Oven Cleaning service that will fit your needs. In case you are moving out and you want us to deep clean the entire property as well as focus on the oven, you will receive a special discount which will lower the final price and save you even more money.

In order to receive a FREE quote and speak to our experienced customer service agents, dial 07418 354 452 any day of the week and they will assist you in any way possible.

If you want to schedule an Oven Cleaning on its own – without any additional services, then the starting price for a single oven clean is £49 while a double oven clean is £69!