Carpet Cleaning

Whether you like it or not, maintaining a carpet clean is a lot of work. Unfortunately, regular vacuum cleaning isn’t enough. Why? Because a vacuum cleaner is only capable of removing what’s on top of the carpet and can’t penetrate all the way to the base – where all the impurities are hidden.

But the good news is that we have a solution to this issue – our affordable Carpet Cleaning that you can schedule any day of the week. Professional cleaning once a year plus regular vacuuming is the perfect recipe for a spotless carpet that will last you a lifetime.

This service is also the perfect addition to our End of Tenancy Cleaning when the carpet in your old home doesn’t look good and might cause an issue in the final inspection.

What Will We Do Exactly?

Our Carpet Cleaning is performed by following the hot water extraction cleaning method which is the process of applying hot water and then extracting the moisture alongside the impurities. This technique is incredible and so effective because the machine we use penetrates deep into the fabric and extracts the accumulated dirt and dust. On top of that, due to the high temperature of the water, all bacteria will also be removed easily.

And because we don’t use any harsh chemicals, this method is 100% safe and won’t cause issues or damage to the carpet.

Should You Book This Service With Our End of Tenancy Cleaning?

If you are moving out and you have an eye on our End of Tenancy Cleaning then you are probably wondering whether you should also schedule this additional service too.

We recommend this service when the carpets on the property aren’t in the best condition. This means they might have dirty patches, and stains, haven’t been cleaned in a long time, or overall look dusty.

In our End of Tenancy Cleaning, a regular hoovering of all carpets is included but in some cases, this is not enough and a deeper clean is recommended. You can discuss all these details over the phone with our team at 07418 354 452 and they will advise you based on the state of the carpeted floors whether it’s necessary.

If you do decide to schedule this service on its own – without any additional cleanings such as our End of Tenancy Cleaning, then the starting price for a bedroom carpet will be £29.